TRU-SPEC shorts and why you should be wearing them

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April 13, 2013 by jervin2012

TRU-SPEC shorts

TRU-SPEC shorts

I’ve worn TRU-SPEC 24-7 pants and shorts (when I am not wearing office attire) for the past 2 years and have the following points to make:

1. They are very durable. I’ve had three pairs of shorts and two pairs of pants during this time period and all are still in great shape with no holes.

2. You can ‘index’ important things like firearm magazines and flashlights in dedicated pockets. You can practice drawing the items with the same arm movement every time, which increases your speed-of-draw.

3. Neutral colors that don’t make you look like Tactical Jay. Technically speaking, 3-color desert camouflage and ACU pattern are excellent choices for Urban Camouflage. But wearing military clothing … makes you look like an aggressor to everyone who does see you.

4. Teflon coating on the fabric. Though not an advertised feature, the shorts are ‘slippery’ such that you have an advantage if someone has you pressed against the ground or a wall. Using a technique called ‘shrimping out’ common to Brazilian Ju Jitsu, you can rotate your body inside the pants and potentially escape from a bad position.

I have one complaint – the front pockets could be enlarged to better facilitate drawing a mousegun out of a pocket holster. If you wear the holster on your belt, where it’s faster and easier to get at the gun to begin with, then this isn’t a concern.

Here is their website :

If you don’t already wear “tactical” shorts and pants, please give them a try and see what they can do for you.

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