Steel Armor Plate Shoot

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March 1, 2013 by jervin2012

We tested 5.56x45mm M855, 7.62x51mm M80 (steel jacket version), 7.62x51mm SLAP-T and the 30-06 M2AP loaded from 308WIN velocities to 300 Winchester Short Magnum velocities.

The target material is Clifton Steel 0.5″ thick RHA (Rolled Homogeneous Armor) plate.

0.5″ thick armor is notably thicker than the armor that you can expect to find on an armored vehicle such as the Soviet BTR-80.



The armor on the bad-boy above is 0.39″ thick steel on the hull and 0.28″ thick steel on the turret. Since a first-generation steel core AP bullet like the WW-II era M2AP will swiss-cheese this armor at almost any distance, this is why you see the sandbags supplementing the armor. The grillwork is another item entirely, meant to detonate RPGs and not meant as protection against small arms (though it would do a good job.)

Heat-treatment on steel greatly determines its ability to resist bullet penetration .. no general information can be given for the heat treatment of AFVs worldwide but it is a good assumption that US-made armor like Clifton Steel plate has some of the better bullet-resistant properties available. If the M2AP referenced in the video has an infinite plate penetration of 0.7″ of western RHA, it is a fair assumption that the same bullet will be able to penetrate 0.8 – 0.9 inches of armor found on more quickly-made vehicles.

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