My love affair with the LCSS net

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February 19, 2013 by jervin2012

Woodland LCSS net

Woodland LCSS net

In 2002, I read US Army FM 20-3 Camouflage, Concealment, and Decoys. It is literally the first and last word on camouflaging people, machines AND buildings. This work was so influential to me, it is what steered my decision to go to Engineering school. I’ve always been good with machines/math and also I’ve never been the life of the party .. so it was a perfect fit for me. If you are concerned for the future, force protection measures should be in your mind at all times because, to quote Thomas Jefferson: “One man with courage is a majority”. In the event of a foreign invasion or domestic unrest, you will find quickly that you are in the numerical minority and those who don’t properly employ camouflage will be the nail that sticks out and subsequently gets hammered down.

FM 20-3 Camouflage, Concealment, Decoys

This updated manual details detection capabilities of the human eye, infrared, night vision, radar and UV imagers. One of the key features to your preparedness, if your plan includes a building or vehicle, is the Lightweight Camouflage Screening System (LCSS). It is a camouflage net that disrupts and hides the visual, night vision, thermal and radar images of the object beneath it. There are two types: radar transparent and radar scattering. Both types of net are hard to find .. but more valuable than gold during a rainy day.

LCSS label

LCSS label

As an alternative to LCSS nets, other nets such as the ‘Barracuda’ can also be found on the military surplus market. The commercial nets are much better than nothing, but there is no guarantee that the net will offer screening in the UV, NIR, IR and radio spectrum. I sincerely hope that you will spend some time with FM 20-3 and benefit greatly from it.



SUV with net

SUV with net


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